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A sexual act involving 2 partners. (A and B)

Partner A lays on his/her stomach while partner B opens partner A's buttocks and throws lettuce, tomato, cheese and cream cheese into the anal cavity. (Creating the raw parts needed for the ass taco)

Partner A then adds the "meat" (their own human feces) to the "ass taco" by way of direct excrement.

Partner B then eats the "Ass Taco" fully to which Partner A asks " why don't you eat the shell (of the taco).

Partner B then finishes the sex act by eating the ass of Partner A until climax is reached.

- "Ass taco" is both a noun and a verb.
Hoar : Do you want an ass taco?

Hoar 2: Oh ya, Oh ya
by THE TRUE BANG BRO June 12, 2009

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