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A girl who is like i'm so cool all the time and is a friggin slut whore-bag who wears expensive clothes. e.g. chanel, ralph lauren and yeah like other ones. She bitches about her preppy friends and then acts all innocent when they find out. SHE IS A BIATCH!
haha ok. Here are the prepp girlies.

Prep 1:Omigod did you see what Prep 3 did at that party, she is such a slut I would never do that. I mean omigod like yeah.

Prep 2: I know right.

Prep 1 walks of and sticks her tongue down some random hot guys throat.

Prep 2: Omigod you'll never guess what Prep 1 just said about you.

Prep 3: what did she say?

Prep 2: She said you were a whore-bag.

Prep 3:That biatch.

Prep 3 walks over to Prep 1 and taps her on the shoulder.

Prep 3: Omigod you biatch. I know what you said about me to Prep 2. I mean whatevs your the slut, you made out with my boyfriend.

Prep 1: Whatevs I mean at least I didn't cheat on him.

haha. You know I actually saw three people get into a fight just like this. Now go fuck yourselves you little whore-bags. I am the sex - and you know it.
by THE SEX - YOU KNOW IT July 13, 2009

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