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A synonym for drinking. Could be used just for fun, or as a more passive way of telling you friends and family you're an alcoholic.
Mom - so what did you do last night
You - stayed in, marinated the liver
Mom - you shouldn't eat so much red meat

Friend - what are you up to right now
You - just marinating the liver
Friend - dude, it's noon on a Wednesday...
by THE Rocketmanrc May 01, 2010
Caffeinated drinks for pussies (pun intended). Anything outside of the regular slow roasted, bad breath causing, stomach rotting, economy fueling, diuretic wonderment that is the Colombian cup of coffee. Espresso shots are the exception.

Anything French Vanilla
Stranger 1 - I'll have an extra large black coffee...better yet...make it two

Stranger 2 - I'll have a caramel macchiato

Stranger 1 - quit drinking that vajava and get some real caffeine in the blood stream!

Stranger 2 - *under his breath* goddam republicans
by THE Rocketmanrc April 16, 2010
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