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Fuck. OFF. sigh. no more fart, alcohol, potato, or poor jokes about us, please. We are people too, who have feelings, and it is offensive. We have gone through so much shit, don't know if any of you shitheads realize it, but we have. No, the blacks weren't alone. Sure they had slavery, but we had fuckin brits on us, fire us first, hire us last. We were always poor, slaved in factories, were kept down by the brits, made to build a wall, many died in the process. Little kids. Elderly, sick, tired people. Everyone gets jumped on for being racist about african-americans now, but what about all the fuckin Irish jokes? cut it out. My grandma came to America when she was 18, and everyone made her embarrassed about her heritage. She was too shy to TALK. Then, she met Grandpa. =) he understood her. Now she's pretty well off, rich actually. I have only faced a little racism, I don't really have an accent, no (well, some people say I talk a little weird, lol), but when people find out I'm Irish... there's where the alcoholic jokes begin.
" Hey, you ever give anyone an Irish Alarm Clock?"
" go die in a hole."
by THE REAL Grungegirl August 09, 2009
1.) The logo for the best band to ever exist, drawn by Kurt Cobain.
2.) The face hardcore grungers make when they hear Kurt's epic screams. Like an O Face, but way more intense.
1.) smiley face with a squigly mouth and "X" eyes, tongue hanging out.
2.) usually with eyes closed, mouthing whatever Kurt happens to be singing. " Whoa, what's she doing?" "Doood, that's her Nirvana face." "sexy."
by THE REAL Grungegirl August 09, 2009
THE HOTTEST GUYS EVER. In most cases, at least. Long hair, ripped jeans and plaid, usually a very talented writer, sensitive, awesome taste in music. Pretty much hecksellent. Greatest fuck on earth! and beautifully scarred. =)
If you go to the underground, you can see girls in torn leggings and plaid drooling over these insanely sexy grunge guys with hair past their ears, carrying notebooks in their fingerless-gloved hands, being quiet and smiling, cuddling some random grunge chick in a ravaged babydoll dress and chucks.
by THE REAL Grungegirl August 09, 2009
when someone fucking blows out their throats into the microphone in a spine-tingling, heart pulling, mind numbing moment of pure beauty and awe.
In "Where did you sleep last night?" by Nirvana, Kurt does one of the best grunge screams ever, from 3:44 in the youtube vid to the end of the song. Even better; go look up "Kurt Cobain scream medley" on youtube. First vid there. THE BEST EVER.

" Ohmigod. I just orgasmed a little."
by THE REAL Grungegirl August 09, 2009
awesome song by the king of his silver wardrobe, misunderstood world of furniture polish and cold velvet, Marilyn Manson. DO NOT FUCKING RELATE IT TO TWILIGHT.
6 AM, christmas morning, no shadows no reflections here, lying cheek to cheek in your cold embrace... LOOK UP If I was Your Vampire by Marilyn Manson on youtube. You won't regret it, I swear.
by THE REAL Grungegirl August 09, 2009
With The Lights Out. It's a boxed set with rare Nirvana demos and rehearsals and radio appearances.
" What'd u get for Christmas?"
" Dude, WTLO"
"Really!?!?!?! Lucky bastard!"
by THE REAL Grungegirl August 12, 2009
a dumbass show I watch at 1 am, for no reason other than South Park is over. pretty much based on guys judging girls by their butts and boobs, etc.
battle of the bods. it sucks.
by THE REAL Grungegirl August 09, 2009

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