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An inexperienced and unskilled "hacker" (see hacker) using pre-fabricated scripts in order to break into computer networks, hence he carries just enough knowledge to be considered dangerous, should he be successful, but often is a failure.
That guy thinks he's leet? the guy couldn't program a batch file. he's a script-kiddie!!
by THE PAGAN WOLF April 27, 2003
Term relating to the field of hacking (See hacking). The very technique applies to the subtle use of various gateways and nodes in the internet in order to make a trace done by a sysops futile.
My ISP would have been traced to it's host if it wasn't for my savvy use of a call-bounce and buy me enough time to pry out that data out of the corporation.
by THE PAGAN WOLF April 27, 2003

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