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A sexual maneuver, during which the man is taking the woman from behind. He exclaims that he is about to cum. Then, once the female turns to face him, he shoots his load on her face and then throws a handful of confetti or glitter at her.
Friend # 1 - "Wow!! Did you guys here about Tom and Cindy the other night?! They were bumping uglies and he decided to throw her a little surprise party."
Friend #2 - "No! You don't mean he gave her a Confetti Shot?!"
Friend #1 - "Bam! Right in the kisser."
by THE Kitchen December 29, 2007
An elaborate sexual maneuver requiring preparation. One taps open bags of glitter or confetti to the tops of the blades of a standard ceiling fan. Then, while having sex, one turns on the fan. Thus releasing a shower of festive sparkling glitter on the entire act. (Made better if done after shooting your load on some part of your partner so that the glitter of confetti sticks to them.)
"Man Last night Tom gave Barbie a Glitter Bath. It was beautiful. Just like watching the Titanic."
by THE Kitchen December 29, 2007

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