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a GUY that needs a better leather jacket but is special on the inside
u better read this costa
by THE GREAT JEW April 17, 2005
at the end of the world
the human race will look back and see
that their misdead have been the cause
the cause of their end
the cause of their misery
the last thing they will see is the begin and the and the end of what they have come to love
and what they have mistreated
the first person who see the end will say
"the only thing that I regret, if the lord, the eternal, can see what has become of his dearest planet he would weep at his most marveld creation of senciant was the only casue of the death of the planet they lived on"
When i say the lord, the eternal I don't mean the shmuch Jebus i mean G-d himself
by THE GREAT JEW April 25, 2005
A twig boy who resembles a pigion and can not tell his head from his ass!
I dont' realy mean it
by THE GREAT JEW April 17, 2005
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