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1 definition by THE FUTURE IS MINE!!!!!

Brittany Spears was once (many years ago) the hottest celebrity on the face of the earth. But as of November 2007 she is the baldest, ugliest, stupidest mother alive. Which unfortunately means... She is no longer the Brittany Spears we all used to love. :(

Do we all remember the day when she was so cute and had albums with little flowers on it...And her clothes...?
Well what do the albums have now? Ehhh... Strippers...Skanks... black loinclothes... you know... really sick stuff.

Is this the kind of behavior we encourage in young souls? Well, the answer is... no other than... yes. And why? well, i dont exactly know... maybe some body should ask Brittany Spears's point of view because i am completely at a loss of words, but obviously she knows what she's doing so...

So think about this the next time you turn on a jam of Brittany Spears... And ask your self... Is this what the world will be made of in ten years???... or so...

Six years ago:

Dude: Hey man, how hot is Brittany Spears in her new album? I pretty much wanna bone her...

Other dude: Yeah she's pretty hot.... but your a perv.


Dude: Brittany Spears is gaining weight and wearing things that are ugly and too small... its pretty gross...although i would still bone her...

Other Dude: Yeah man, shes so gross. She makes me want to vomit all over your face. Oh, and your still a perv.
by THE FUTURE IS MINE!!!!! November 18, 2007