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verb - while physically a grown man, you're far more likely to state the obvious as a child would. Also apt to make pollyanna religious statements.

- um, the sun is really bright and hurts my eyes. Shut up, Gerb.
- um, isn't this a really beautiful day god has given us today?
by the Dude abides August 20, 2014
The act of "stamping" and individual with the wet tip of one's penis (usually due to a mix of semen and vaginal secretions), preferably on the forehead. Similar to a mushroom stamp only juicer and more degrading.
"What happened last night? I feel terrible and there's some sort of funky residue on my face. Did somebody give me a Wet Stamp?
by the dude abides February 22, 2012
A tasty beverage which contains Vodka, Caluha and either milk or cream. Though cream is SHIT, and makes you puke.

WARNING: do not cycle after drinking 10 of these!!!
This WHITE RUSSIAN tastes like chocolate milk.
by THE DUDE ABIDES November 01, 2003

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