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54 definitions by THE TRUTH

haha the guy before me heard that on howard stern
one nation under groove
by the truth September 10, 2004
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a simpleton, one who has no clue, an idiot of the first degree, probably gay too and still staying with their mother, a Star Wars toy fetishist with deviant tendencies
"Don't be such a Chazz."
by The Truth February 17, 2005
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- Very powerful car and gas guzzler.
- Severely overrated car that people give too much credit for.
- A Mustang would smoke any economy car. But an economy car is designed and built for convenience. A Mustang is built for performance.
- Usually being compared to completely different car classes. Such as economy cars like the Civic. The reason why people compared them to Civics is because Civics don't put up a challenge. People are usually afraid to compare the Mustang to the Camaro.
- Drag and straight away racing car (No skill is really needed just pressing the gas, unlike drifting and cornering racing, skill of steering and shifting is required).
- A car that has not so good handling and can easily be out maneuvered by cars such as the MR2, Impreza, Evo, Trueno, RX-7. Yeah that's right, you Mustang fanboys may have more power but any tuner import would out maneuver your over powered asses, you wouldn't stand a chance in a course with lots of turns.
Mustang Fanboy #1: I like my brand new Mustang, I easily beat an old Asian lady in an 88' Hyundai in a straight-away race.
Mustang Fanboy #2: Dude, that is so cool. I've beaten alot of cars with my Mustang as well, like this one guy in a 96' Accord on the freeway, I smoked him by just pressing the gas. He was on cruise control at 65mph, and I easily beat him *The guy in the Accord was minding his own business and didn't even know the Mustang was racing him*.
Mustang Fanboy #1: Geez man, you got mad skill like me because you own a Mustang. I've beaten an 89' Corolla, 99' Civic DX, a rusty Sentra, some Geo car, and a kid on his bike, all by a 3 mile margin.
Mustang Fanboy #2: Dude, we are so cool.
by The Truth May 06, 2005
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-N- A rap group from the city of Detroit.Band members consist of Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J.Most famous for their fan base and Live show.Most people dislike this band due to their lyrics being dubed "Childish"and"Rude" But, Underneath the jokes serrious issues are discussed I.E Abuse(Halls of Illusion) Etc.

-Syn-ICP,IcP,Insane "Clownz" Posse,Gwars Rap Cousine
-Negative SYNs- Insane cuwnz pusy,ianse clownz posse , Insane clown pussys, The crap band,THIS IS NOT AVRIL LAVIGNE THIS SucKS .
-Possitive Syns-NOT YELLOWCARD,It's better than avril lavigne
In the live show I was doused with a lot of Faygo
by The Truth March 18, 2005
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The Best message boards of all the Gamefaqs/LUE spinoffs Owned by Snake/Silentstrike/Scud(all one person, now located at gamingevolved.net
LUE2 PWNs LUElinks in all ways shapes and forms.
by The Truth March 23, 2005
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