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West Chester,PA...hmm let me think. To all those whose collars looking like wings have finally come down for landing, West Chester is a place where it is thought to be exceptable to use words suchas; rad,tubular,hollister,abrecrombie, and the worst of all TIN TOKER. Well while spednind my 4 years at East High School I made sure I avoided such homo's. The Class ahead of us was the last of a dying breed, and nearly hit extinction in my senior year. I really noticed this at our Mr. East contest when the only fag (homosexual) received the loudest appluase. What the hell is wrong with a town where its looked at as cool to take it in the poop shoot? Doesn't anyone remember the overzized M&M stuffing his face with saltines? Now that's somthing to make a town proud, but that's just my opinion. Anyway if you want the real side of West Chester its a click I claim of a bunch of ruthless Don's from the corrupted clip mafia to the stunning hott beis all the way to a Don Juan by the allias of Lance Delpot. This is the true West Chester a bunch of L burning money chasing natty guzzling pimps who will go from coast to coast showing you a good time. Now business... And I'm not talking about having your tiffanys and G-Q in the nearby malls, I'm talkin about a local headshop called Frolic where the best of the best as far as glass is sold. In west chester we notify each other of DUI stops as we drive by them drunk on the other side of the street laughin. Cause see we run the streets not only sober, but also drunk. Local beer distributors have gotten to the point where they dont even card because they know underaged kids will get their fix either way. Kegs are commonly consumed in large amounts, followed by heavy blazin of L's, bubbs, and bongs of all sorts.
One largely known fact of west chester is that it is the birthplace of shows such as jackass and other bullshit but what were really known for is our excellent play with the ball. And no I'm not talking about the wanna-be ballas who take their game to the borough and look like fools I'm talkin about a little thing called Beer Pong. Known worldwide we will put more cups in your face then a local titty bar, and were not nice about it, the common phrase after each shot sounds somewhat like drink it bitch, ill shit on your chest and piss in your mouth, followed by extensive brushin off of the shoulder and continued shit talking.I mean I'm not afraid of much but if I were to step to someone and found out they were from West Chester I'd back down due to the outragous quickness of the steel that we posess. And plainly put, we epitomize the phrase that men and boys wanna toss our salads and women want the rod in every single hole. If you disagree with any of the above, that you know maybe this isnt how you see west chester, then put down your casual beer, and stop your stories of the one time you tried pot in middle school and suck on my fuckin nut.
"Doggy I'm out here smoking weed, speeding, running red lights up in West Chester, PA. We untouchable
by TH coppo status & Dee Hotness November 29, 2005

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