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A writer's unique signature with ink or a spraypaint can.
I tagged on every wall I had the chance to.
by TFS July 24, 2005
to smoke, to have smoked
guy: you wanna come over and toke up after school ?
guy 2: naw i'm good, i toked up so much this weekend.
by TFS February 19, 2005
Russian word meaning "girl" or "woman," made popular by the 1971 classic A Clockwork Orange, and the all female punk band (hence the name), The Devotchkas.
She was a fine looking young devotchka if I don't say so myself.
by TFS January 02, 2006
Adderall is a prescription drug used mainly to treat ADD/ADHD kids and sometimes adults. It increases attention span and energy, the ability to retain information, and to stay interested and focused. Learning and cleaning, basically doing anything lame that is usually hell to have to do become almost fun.

Used widely for its recreational mood-heightening, energy adding effects. Also used widely by high school and college students to cram for tests (finals = stock up time!). It lets you stay up all night and study, read, take notes, anything school-related without becoming bored out of your mind or passing out tired. It's also insanely easy to remember anything you read on it.. It's basically the solution to all of life's problems.. too bad about that whole high potential to become habit forming part.

Comes in either regular doses or extended-release tablets which release the contents into your blood-stream evenly by the hour, for about 8 hours.
I know nothing for my spanish final tomorrow, I'm gonna have to take some adderall tonight to learn a new language.
by TFS January 20, 2006
To get busted by the cops for participating in something illegal
I got caught up tagging up the freeway last year
by TFS July 24, 2005
To become obsessed with a certain song for a period of time, listening to it on repeat for hours until you finally become annoyed with it.
I heard this new band on the radio today and song binged as soon as I got on the computer. After I downloaded it I listened to it 890240892389 times!
by TFS June 29, 2005
Nazi Low Riders. A nazi skinhead gang that originated in prison, but is presently making it's way into the streets.
He's been down with the NLR ever since AB got locked.
by TFS December 21, 2005
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