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A Competition, often held at the end of college finals week, in which teams of four attempt to first consume a 30 pack of beer, then an eighth of an ounce of marijuana, then two large pizzas, and then finish a 100 piece puzzle.

Penalties, usually time, are imposed for spilling beer or vomiting.

Variations on the rules exist:
The beer can be a 36 pack instead of a 30.
The amount of marijuana is sometimes reduced to 2 grams.
The puzzle is sometimes more pieces, depending on how long the participants want the competition to last.
Also, some competitions change the order of events to account for the Beer before bong rule (that's just wrong).

Another variation exists wherein the teams begin in the morning, can drink, smoke, and eat simultaneously, and then once everything has been consumed, may move on to a 1,000 piece puzzle. The teams have until midnight (or in some cases, sunrise of the next day) to complete the challenge. In this variation, the challenge is more geared toward "getting it done" than racing and can be performed by a single team of four if desired.
"Hey man, do you want to take the Great American Challenge?"
"The dildo?"
"No, the other one."
"Fuck yeah!"
by TFK! January 26, 2009
To get drunk and high (on marijuana) at the same time.

See also beer before bong
"How much did you drink last night?"
"I dunno, i blacked out after i cross faded."
by TFK! February 01, 2009
"Beer before bong, that's just wrong"

Usually followed by "Bong before beer, you're in the clear"

This pair of phrases is given as a word of caution to people attempting to cross fade. It is based on the phenomenon in which people who consume alcohol before smoking weed tend to get sicker and puke, whereas those who smoke weed before drinking don't.
"Whoa there, are you sure you want to smoke all that weed? You're already hammered."

"Yeah dude, i cross fade all the time"

"Beer before bong..."

by TFK! January 26, 2009

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