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The person that you see when you look in a mirror
What are YOU looking at?
by TEXAS SUCKS! December 30, 2005
Sports Arena in Downtown Los Angeles; which hosts the LA Kings, LA Lakers, LA Clippers, and few indoor tennis competitions.
Are you going to Staples Center.
by TEXAS SUCKS! December 30, 2005
The way to spell Yao Ming in Japan.
It's not Yao Ming, its Ming Yao, look at his birth certificate and his ID
by TEXAS SUCKS! December 29, 2005
1. to urinate (?) Origin: Rhyming slang - Jimmy Riddle/Piddle.
1. a penis.
2. a condom. ("Play it safe, wear a jimmy.")
3. urinate penis condom sexuality (related to)
1. He's going to jimmy
2&3. He's placing a jimmy on his jimmy
by TEXAS SUCKS! December 30, 2005

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