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a very confusing name but very cool at the same time
hey Yu, i mean yu, not you john.
by ted August 14, 2004
sauced: to be so drunk all you can think about is how drunk you are
i was supremely sauced at the party
by Ted October 06, 2004
1) 21st century entrepreneur whose failed personal life spawned a successful career in life style television.

2) An act of defecation related revenge. When thoroughly aggravated by a friend or loved one, discreetly remove a towel or sheet from the bottom of their linen closet. Carefully unfold said article, take a hearty steaming shit, refold to conceal fecal surprise, and replace at the bottom of the pile. Typically the "Martha Stewart" is not discovered until the entire closet smells like a Tijuana whorehouse.
1) I hope the SEC violates Martha Stewart in the ass with a lead pipe for her insider trading.

2) The guy working at the GAP was a real asshole so I pulled a "Martha Stewart" on a pair of jeans out on display near the counter he was working. I folded and replaced them, so I hope he has a pleasant smelling afternoon.
by Ted June 16, 2003
1) A crude, but highly alcoholic beverage. Similar to Moonshine, but much more potent, with an alcohol content similar to Everclear (180 proof), but less refined. It is called boomshine because it has a tendency to explode, do to the high amount of alcohol vapor produced

2) A more potent version of moonshine, known to get people drunk off the vapors alone.
Jim Bob took one wiff of Bubba's boomshine and fell flat on his face.
by Ted December 06, 2004
Literally stands for "Suck My Dick Bitch".
Ted, SMDB. Im playing Grand Theft Auto and eating Ice cream.
by ted April 28, 2005
Something not found in amerikkka
Bill of Rights? Liberty? The PATRIOT Act made all of those things obsolete. Get with the times.
by Ted May 30, 2005
someone who acts like everyone else. Having no personality
Examples: Boy bands, jay vinson, most people in business.
by ted December 10, 2003

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