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2 definitions by TEAMSKANK

The term given to Physical Training (PT) shorts issued to US Special Operations personnel during training. These one of a kind shorts are extremely short and have a specially tailored cut that ensures the wearers genitalia to show during numerous exercises. Also knows as "Catch Me Fuck Me's". They closely resemble Richard Simmon's work out shorts. These shorts are favored by the men of the Army's Special Forces 10th Group. Ladies love leg.... skanks flock when ranger panties are on.
1. OMG I almost had an orgasm when I saw him in his ranger panties.

2. Team Skank demanded their own set of ranger panties, they deserve them for being SF mascots. Or the last phase of the Q Course... you decide.

3. My ranger panties are so soft and silky.

4. Can I have your ranger panties sexy SF boy?
I've given too many away to all you vixens, get your own online on the SOFFE website.
by TEAMSKANK May 25, 2008
The general feeling of getting a train run up your vagina and all of the markings that come with. If any of your friends saw these marks they would think you were heavily abused causing you to wear pants for weeks on end instead of your beloved ranger panties...when in fact you were just halfpopped.
Split me in halfpop.

What happened to you skank?
Oh I just got halfpopped.
by TEAMSKANK May 25, 2008