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Nickname for Daisuke Matsuzaka, a Japanese pitcher signed for $103m with the Boston Red Sox for the 2007 MLB season.

The nickname "Dice" received widespread popularity after Bill Simmons (the Sports Guy) declared it to be Matsuzaka's nickname in his ESPN Page 2 mailbag column of 15 December 2006.
Other than his ability to say the words "Yes!", "No!", "Bery Good!", "Stlike!", and "Happi!", Dice-K's main talent lies in his right arm pitching ability.
#daisuke #matsuzaka #boston #red sox #mlb #pitcher #japanese #$103m
by TBonerz April 12, 2007
To lay initial claim on something. Or to secure the rights to an item or object. Similar to dibs.
I bagsed the spare tickets to tomorrow's game!
#dibs #shotgun #claim #secure #stake
by Tbonerz January 16, 2008
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