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A response to a rude question where someone is asking for personal information they are not entitled to. Nunya is part of a burn to follow such a rude inquiry.
Question: How much did you pay for that?
Answer: Nunya
Question (perplexed): Nunya, what's that?
Answer: Nunya fucking business
by tazz_999 January 15, 2009
essentially deja vu, but differing from deja vu in that it is reminding you of a scene from the most righteous movie pulp fiction.  When this occurs you have a feeling of entitlement, allowing you to break into pulp fiction dialog.
your buddy uses your towel and gets it bloody and in indignation you get pissed off at him and tell him that when you used the towel "it didn't look like a goddamn maxipad" at that point you have had a pulp fiction moment
by TAZZ_999 December 24, 2008
Slang term for a man who is being timid or cowardly. Someone not showing attributes that we would expect from a man. The usage of the term is meant to be interchangable with the term pussy but meant to be less offensive to women.
Paul would not stand up to his wife about being such a bitch he is such a mangina.

by TAZZ_999 December 12, 2008

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