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2 definitions by TAY000

When you feel like crap, have a headache, and basically all other hangover "symptoms" without drinking

Paying the price of getting wasted, without drinking alcohol

Getting wasted, without getting wasted, and then having a hangover- because you partied that hard;]
Girl: I have such a bad headache, and I feel totally dead. Partied hard last night.

Friend: drank a lot huh?

Girl: No...I'm having a non-alcoholic hangover..it's pretty ugly.

"I woke up this morning with a non-alcoholic hangover...and my mom thought I had drank last night. So I'm grounded. Guess I can't be the designated driver man"
by TAY000 January 13, 2012
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Feeling completely dead, but having to live your daily life.
Feeling like the walking dead

Could mean feeling totally wasted, having a hangover or non-alcoholic hangover causing this feeling, etc.
Friend: how are you.

Pete: blehhhuhhh...umm.... *starts snoring then wakes up* uhmm, what did you say?

Friend: God man, you look dead. Someone's in total zombie mode huh?:]

Pete: guess so man.
by TAY000 January 13, 2012
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