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Abundantly hairy front bum, dungeon, tomato barmcake.
Oh, the bearded
by TANTI - (SHAUN WARD) June 04, 2004
Stella Artois
Feeling RAF this morning, i've took sixteen pints of wife beater on board last night
by TANTI - (SHAUN WARD) June 03, 2004
A term used when a nice bit of totty walks past, with all her undercarriage hanging out like a car crash.
Check the camels foot on that, "eyes right, skin back tight". One top hat magoo coming right up.
by TANTI - (SHAUN WARD) June 04, 2004
A game played by eccentric country folk, with an affinity for livestock and who have been staring at the moon for too long. A prize bull is placed in a pen, then the contestant carefully but firmly grabs it by the horns and gently inserts his "full stick" up its' nose. In a vain attempt to remove the offending article, that good old boy will lick the bollocks off the player until the cows come home. The winner is the person who can last the longest, without going off like a rip rap. Time penalties are incurred for making the bulls eyes water or causing it to moo. Participants are disqualified if the bulls eyes roll back in their sockets. Bullobango is the "FULL ON" extreme sport for country zooaphiles. Automatic qualification can be achieved with the aid of a hair lip, lazy eye, or cloven hoof.
Bye 'eck, al tell thee. I were playin' Bullobango last neet, an a never really did have a good grip of ol' Winston. Noo the bartards runnin rownt meadow wi me pips swingin from his horns like a couple o' christmas borballs
by TANTI - (SHAUN WARD) June 24, 2004
Shock and bewilder your friends when dining out with this amusing and loveable chatchphrase.
Patron: Ooooh, I think I'll have the lamb henrys with a medley of fresh steamed vegatables for my main course, it sounds delicious and I'm just in the mood for a nice bit of lamb.
Matron: Oh yes, I've heard that is superb with a hint of corriander and a side order of leopards Fanny Batter sauce.
by TANTI - (SHAUN WARD) June 04, 2004
Enlarged / well endowed female clitoral region
Look at the beetle bonnet on that, it's like a tomato barmcake gone wrong
by TANTI - (SHAUN WARD) June 03, 2004
When visable bottom sickness has the appearance of a flock of sparrows landing. Similar to Squidgy Pyapps but liberated.
Ooooh, I've just been to drop the kids off and it was like a flock of sparrows landing.
by TANTI - (SHAUN WARD) June 03, 2004

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