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5 definitions by TACOpolo

Masturbation move similar to "the stranger" where you sit on both hands until they get numb. You then jerk off with one hand while lifting your leg and reaching around to grab your balls with the other. it feels like there are 2 other "strangers" touching your junk.
I was really lonely last night until my room full of strangers arrived.
by TACOpolo October 12, 2007
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The most awesome of all school lunch foods. It is pretty much Ground Beef and Elbow Macaroni mixed together in red sauce. Mmmmmm.
I brought my lunch to school today, but "accidentally" left it in my locker when I found out it was American Chop Suey day!
by TACOpolo January 29, 2009
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They All Look The Same.
Mary: Why is Michelle Obama at a Bush rally without Barack?
Jim: That's Condoleezza Rice.
Mary: Oh, I always get them mixed up!
Jim: It's OK, TALTS anyway.

Ed: I think I saw Chris Rock on the Subway yesterday.
Dave: No way Chris Rock takes the subway, you must be suffering from TALTS!
by TACOpolo January 29, 2009
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A database that only contains a very small number of records.
Mike: Should we run these scripts on the DB01 database right now?
Jim: How long will it take?
Mike: Shouldn't be long, DB1's only a babybase.
by TACOpolo June 16, 2009
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When you use a public restroom (e.g. at work) and are about to have a loud and embarrassing session, but another person comes in, causing you to hold it until they leave. After they leave you are free to let loose without fear of being laughed at.
Jim: Dude, you were gone for a long time.

Mike: Yeah, I had a nasty burrito for lunch and then had to out-sit 2 guys that came in to piss. I didn’t think I would make it!
by TACOpolo March 06, 2009
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