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One stage up from a glomp. As the name implies, Its a cross between a hug and a glomp. It can be very painful (often cause people to fall over) and is normally used by fangirls. Ouch. XD
Fangirl1: ZOMG! I brought you a hand-made Bakura plushie from ebay!! And I got a Ritsuka one!!!!!!!! SQUEE! <33 shall I post it to you? :D
Fangirl2: ZOMG! YES! *huggleglomps you* THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!! <3
Fangirl1: Eep! *falls over* lol. It's okay! XD *pets* Plushies are the gift of the gods of anime, after all!! YAY! PLUSHIES!!! :3
Fangirl2: CUPCAKES!
by T3h Livyy May 24, 2008

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