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1. An elevated surface/stage/ledge that can be used for doing tricks on a BMX or a skateboard, particularly a manual (called a 'manny' in this context). Often times found in parking lots, they can be as low as a curb, but must be a least a few feet wide and long. Usually only riden when there is nothing else around, though serious tricks might go down on the taller ones.
Bro, there's nothing to skate around here except a little manny pad.
by T34418L31 May 16, 2006
1. A scenester indie chick, with the punk rock style. Usually dyed black hair, sometimes other colors, tight jeans, lots of makeup, considered attractive; it's a positive term.

2. General term for girls.
What's your new girlfriend look like?
Oh, dude, she's a total hairtwin.
by T34418L31 May 15, 2006
1. A comeback to any negative statement. Similar to "I know you are but what am I", but used by adults. Said loudly and in a playful manner.

2. A response to anything a person says if you're trying to annoy them.
Bro, you suck at driving!
Oh You?
by T34418L31 May 16, 2006

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