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1 definition by T2K Prime

Pacific Sunwear of California Inc (also known as Pac Sun) is a US based retail clothing company rooted in the youth culture and fashion vibe of Southern California. In other words the store sells THEMED clothing. wearing the clothing doesn't make you a skater nor will it make you a poser. if you buy clothing for that reason alone you are missing the point. you buy clothing because you need it. You go to different stores because you have options. you look for options because either you are searching for a new price for a shirt, or you are searching for a new style of shirt. I shop at macy's, pac sun, and wal-mart. its all clothing. Pac Sun just happens to sell Southern Cali themed clothing.
Guy 1: "Hey your shirt looks cool where'd you get it?"
Guy 2: "Pac Sun"
Guy 1: "oh...you skate?"
Guy 2: "Nah, i just walked in there and i liked the shirt"
by T2K Prime August 16, 2009