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2 definitions by T1GEREYEZ

When obese bitches wear tops/pants 5 sizes too small with their flab hanging out everywhere
*sees a fatass wearing tight clothing*

"*Shiver* That should be illegal"
by T1GEREYEZ July 05, 2005
1. Similar to the asian squat but kimchi refers to Koreans because in most cases, Koreans are the only people who can pull it off comfortably and naturally. At times a Chinese or other asian might be able to do it, but never has one seen a black or Mexican do it like Koreans. They have their own squats.
2. What happens when you give a Korean a cigg and make them wait with no chairs or see Koreans loitering
"Get up out of your kimchi squat foo we gotta go!"
by T1GEREYEZ July 05, 2005