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1. A peice of cutlery or other such dining implement used to scoop food and sauces up. it can also be used for dessert.

2. To spoon someone is to cuddle up to them from behind (fully clothed) and hold them lovingly. contrary to popular belief, you cannot be a little spoon and still say you are spooning someone. only the big spoon can spoon.

3. As in "do you need a spoon?!" used to ask satirically if someone would like to use a spoon to get all the shit out of anothers arse more effectively. used when someone is being a kissarse
T:Dinner bitch, pass the spoon!
BAG:i'm using the spoon!
T:don't make me mushroom slap you

Ben was feeling pretty down, so i just lay there and sort of spooned him for a while.

C: lets go to legoland
H: naaaah.
T: i agree, legoland sounds fun.
by T.Dott February 04, 2009
when you've engaged in sexual acts with your Henry Hoover, and can no longer look him in the eye.
"oh, henry, what have i done?"

"mate, why is there white stuff all over my hoover?"

"i haunted henry. sorry."
by T.dott August 16, 2009
1.a complete stop to a conversation

2.the description of a severe loss on one side of an argument or fight
1. A: i fucked your mum

2. What? rory would end devon in a fight!
by T.dott October 28, 2008
the single worst place on earth.
ughh, i went to legoland the other day and got food poisoning. i hate legoland.
by T.dott August 16, 2009

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