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9 definitions by T.V. John

an unexpected person or thing that gets in the way of a photograph being taken
That drunk clown was a real photo bomb, when he got into the wedding photographs that were being taken of the bride and groom!
by T.V. John February 21, 2013
a bad idea
It was a real brain fart, when he started talking about how his pants fell down while wearing them low.
by T.V. John March 27, 2013
To get fat; to become obese. The condition of becoming fat. A person who has become obese
Now weighing 403 pounds, he had a bloatdown of gaining over 200 pounds in the last two years.
by T.V. John March 29, 2012
a person who uses people for selfish purposes without intending to give anything in return
The way he always talks about himself all the time and is always interrupting everybody so they cannot talk, I knew he was a tool as soon as I met him. Man, he really tooled you!
by T.V. John November 17, 2012
hugely awesome, stunningly huge, overwhelmingly bold, exceedingly bodacious, boldly successful, jaw-droppingly beautiful, appealingly mega-sexy
He was hung with a megadacious pillar of audacity.
by T.V. John February 08, 2012
Sexy media content that is not quite pornographic
The way the female dancers in the music video were shaking their butts was softporn.
by T.V. John February 07, 2013
To make something super, like a relationship
Let's superfy!"; "Man, that's superfy!"; "She really superfies him."; "He superfied his job into a million bucks.
by T.V. John May 22, 2011