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In electronics; the removal and replacement of all electrolytic capacitors during the repair of an electronic circuit board. This is done due to the relatively short life of electrolytic capacitors brought on by corrosion by and loss of the electrolyte.
Inspired by the term cashactomy from a Monty Python Skit about doctors who perform this procedure to remove all funds from a patients bank accounts.
This power supply has a high ripple voltage and the capacitors smell nasty, a simple CAPACTOMY should solve the problem.
by T.S. ELMORE February 17, 2011
In electronics; a diagram (sometimes hand drawn) to assist in locating and verifying the polarity of electrolytic capacitors and other electronic components.
Q: Did you draw a CAP-MAP before you removed all those capacitors?
A: Nope!
Response: Good luck getting the new ones installed correctly!
by T.S. Elmore February 17, 2011

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