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The newest way to have intercourse with other people.
And by intercourse, I mean speech, you perverts.
"Step aside phones, letters, morse code, and actual talking, here comes MSN messenger!"
by T.J.(cc) November 05, 2005

CC is a fantastic computer game, created in 1989 (the year I was born) and I started playing in 1995 with my first computer which came with BOWEP. Anyway, me and my ol' man would spend time at the computer, solving the puzzles, spending quality father-son time together. That's why I turned out clever yet nerdy.
Aaaaanyway... CC is a puzzle solving game. You must collect all the chips in each level, to advance to the next. All the while there are monsters and obstacles blocking your path to the next level, which you must cleverly seek your way past. All in all there are around 140 levels of mayhem and madness!!!
"Hey son, let's play some Chip's Challenge!"
"Sure thing, dad!"

<10 years later>

"My God, I'm such a freaking nerd!!!"
by T.J.(cc) November 05, 2005
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