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In New York, abreviation for NYPD's Tactical Narcotics Teams. On the street, the meaning has been mockingly changed to signify "Tuesday's 'N' Thursdays," a reference to the predictability of the teams' regular, predictable schedules.
Yo, all the dope spots are shut down 'til TNT leaves the hood.
by T.E. Bell June 21, 2005
Arch. (early hippie): A mild amphetamine pill, usually pink, heart-shaped Dexadrine tablets.
Jasper had been eating leapers for three days to cram for his mid-terms.
by T.E. Bell June 21, 2005
An accident involving a moving vehicle and a person on foot. From "auto-pedestrian"; used mainly by police, reporters and hospital personnel.
I had to go to this really gruesome auto-ped down on 14th Street today and then my editor said it wasn't worth writing up.
by T.E. Bell September 01, 2005
The body of a drowned person, used by police, emergency personnel and news reporters.
A bloated floater bobbed in the East River near the old Broolyn Navy Yard.
by T.E. Bell June 21, 2005
A person who commits suicide by jumping from a great height. Mostly used by cops, EMS personnel and crime reporters.
The leaper had jumped from the 23rd floor of the Hyatt Regency's atrium, landing on the piano bar.
by T.E. Bell June 21, 2005
A malodorous corpse in an advanced state of decomposition. Primarily used by cops and crime reporters.
The medical examiner figured the stinker had been in the trunk of the car for at least two weeks.
by T.E. Bell June 21, 2005
noun 1. A dishonest person, scumbag; 2. Any unpleasant person; 3. A physically dirty person. Smegs are invariably male.
From smegma, the white, foul-smelling accumulation of congealed body fluids and oil that gathers around the corona of an unwashed penis.
"That smeg roommate of mine ripped off my half of the rent money to buy rocks."
The word precedes "Red Dwarf" by many years, and often appeared in alternative papers in Texas in the 1980's.
by T.E. Bell May 25, 2005
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