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4 definitions by T. Spangler

N. A cute, hairy doll popular in the 1970s with face, hands, and feet made of plastic and a body of brown fur. The creator said he wanted to bring a message of the beauty of love to children everywhere.
"Monchhichi, Monchhichi, so soft and cuddly."
by T. Spangler September 28, 2005
adj. A vivacious and titillating bit of gossip causing wicked pleasure at the expense of another.
Ooh, scandalacious! Tell me more.
by T. Spangler September 26, 2005
Adj. Used to chide someone about thick body hair, especially back hair (done lovingly, of course).
Ew! Get your sweaty monchhichi back away from me!
by T. Spangler September 28, 2005
adj. used to describe humor that is insipid, banal, passé, and tired.
Yes, ha, ha, ha. We know. We get it. Dude, shut your mancow mouth already.
by T. Spangler September 27, 2005