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1. When a person makes the mistake of not staying alert or focused, and as a result they lose out. 2. When something happens and a person is unaware of what happened.
Man, if you slip you gonna lose all yo money.
by T. Grissom August 04, 2006
1. Basketball slang indicating a accurate jumpshot. 2.Describing the accurancy of a jumpshot.
Mike scored 50 on the Jaguars, man, dude got a torch.
E-Dub was on fire last night, that cat got a torch.
by T. Grissom August 04, 2006
1. Basketball slang; When a player is constantly blocking the shots of the opposing team.
Big Frank got about 7 blocks, dude having a block party.
by T. Grissom August 04, 2006
1.An individual that tries to play sports; particularly basketball, and has no skills. 2. Someone that thinks they could hoop, but when they get on the court, their game is garbage.
Man, dude a buster he can't even make a lay up.
by T. Grissom August 04, 2006

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