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Titty Fuck. It means Titty Fuck.
"That brunette over there is just begging for a good TF, wouldn't you say"
by t. November 27, 2003
A kid who thinks he is tough while he really is not
This kid's a gutter scrumpet. He acts all hard but he was born from a family of puds.
by T. February 02, 2005
The breakfast club is a group of extremely exclusive kids doing extremely vile things who worship the number 33. 33 is not just a number, but a way of life. Consuming beverages is not just an option, but a habit. They love girls with nice curves. The rest of this secretive club is unknown. But, know this, they are all straight..
BC Member #1: Yo, are you tryin to hit this?
BC Member #2: Ofcourse..
by T. February 02, 2005

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