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The act of lending a female money with little prospect of repayment.

In the eyes of the lender, this increases the chances of repayment by sex.
Here girl, heres $50 for drinks. Pay me back whenever.

John's extending pussy credit like he's Bear Sterns.
by T. Polkinghorne July 25, 2009
Saying this with a straight face is a polite way of letting you know...its NOT funny.

This occurs after sharing something seemingly funny as the listener responds with a straight face and no vocal inflection.
Next thing I know, the guy vomited all over the train, lucky none got on me, but the best part was his shirt...
It read: "In my life, every day is a disaster..."


That's funny (straight face).
by T. Polkinghorne February 11, 2010
Knowing how to "seize the day" after an involuntary period of isolation.

Named after "The Birdman of Alcatraz" (Robert Franklin Stroud).
Kathleen had a Birdman Epiphany - quit her boring job at the bank and joined Greenpeace.
by T. Polkinghorne July 28, 2009
The lifestyle of genteel scholarly shabbiness.
"A PhD is no longer synonymous with genteel scholarly shabbiness but can be leveraged into great wealth, personal and corporate."

- FT July 25, 2009
by T. Polkinghorne July 27, 2009
Very Smart Person.
That VSP got a 95% off the price we paid.
by T. Polkinghorne July 27, 2009

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