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when you tender is as good as cash
Look man, I don't have cash. I can only pay in tacos.

OK. That's still cash in the bucket.
by T. Polkinghorne April 06, 2009
A declaration of independence from dress down Friday.
Instead of suit and tie, everyone seems to have jeans with some sort of colorful t-shirt.
This defeats the purpose of heterogeneity.

To avoid this, you dress up to stand out and achieve personal relief that you look different then all the other people.
Thus, achieving the original intention of dress down Friday.
Worker 453:
Hey everyone, look at that square Jonas sporting a tie!

Worker 264:
*smile and nod* dress up friday, amigo.
by T. Polkinghorne July 18, 2008
When you see your audience pulling these out, it's a sign that your presentation is BORING.
Presenter: "Um...and this is the business model...I think?!"
*Blackberrys, iphones etc. come out*
Attendee: "Dude, phone vote says you suck."
by T. Polkinghorne July 24, 2009
To be working hard and thinking hard, constantly; thus being on one's grizzy

It refers to the lifestyle of the young, emerging worker in the knowledge economy. In addition, a satire on the corporate exploitation of talent in the knowledge production markets; similar in the way casual Fridays were spawned by tech workers in the early 90s.
Worker 356:
Yaaz B, Jane said she’s give you head if you come drinking with us tonight.

Worker 244:
Shut up fuck face! Can’t you see I’m working!? Constantly grinding, always thinking up new ideas and shit.
by T. Polkinghorne May 22, 2008
local name for "Kom Jug Yuen" restaurant in Toronto.
I has the best BBQ pork in north america at the jug.
by T. Polkinghorne December 21, 2008
Saying this with a straight face is a polite way of letting you know...its NOT funny.

This occurs after sharing something seemingly funny as the listener responds with a straight face and no vocal inflection.
Next thing I know, the guy vomited all over the train, lucky none got on me, but the best part was his shirt...
It read: "In my life, every day is a disaster..."


That's funny (straight face).
by T. Polkinghorne February 11, 2010
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