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52 definitions by T. J.

Menstrual blood. The term is derived from a bearded taco being on the rag.
When I earned my red wings, I was covered in taco sauce.
by T. J. May 23, 2003
Someone who enjoys anal sex, akin to a Butt Pirate or a Bum Ninja. Not always gay, though often associated with gay porn stars.
"Arr matey! Et look like 'ez a rump raider if I ever saw one!"
by T. J. May 23, 2003
1. Change is inevitable from a vending machine.
2. What homeless people ask for. Tell them change comes from within, like gas and the voices in my head.
3. Apparently it also means tampons. The secret is out!
Do you have any Change?

Dunno, let me check my pockets and your pita-pocket.
by T. J. October 30, 2003