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The makers of the best and cheapest whisky/vodka ever known to man. The vodka tastes amazing and Only Costs $12.59 for a half gallon compared to some shit that can cost up tp $40!! It's also a cheap product to get a girl drunk and make her put out. Highly recomended.
Hey J pass me somemore bankers club biatch!, i aint had enough yet..... O shit were almost out!!! We'l have to get steve to buy more tommorow for a very low price at the local state store.
by T-moneyy December 26, 2006
(bc is short for bankers club.) any party with bankers club vodka and or whisky. see bankers club.
"yo there was alota fagbombs at the last bc party that sucks"

"yea but at least beefcake got laid by that slutasaurus rex"

by T-moneyy December 26, 2006

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