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A jamaican cuss word, claat meaning cloth, is used when meaning, when blood durring menstruation is clogged with such cloth, and is now used as a cuss word.
Bloodclaat Betchu Dat!
(You are a bloodclaat)
by T-fresh December 19, 2003
Killin it Wit The Hype-

Started by T-Fresh
Dat gurlz kiwth b.
Dat Gurls killin it wit the hype b.
by T-Fresh December 20, 2003
The same definition to "bumbaclaat" except being projected more towards females.
Let's go see Alex that stupid girl will give us sexual favors.
Letz go flex ta Alex's dat bumbagyalz fa sum lush.
by T-Fresh December 19, 2003
"lush" Derived from slang, meaning play or otherwise known as sexual favors. Lush is often used for meaning getting a blow job.
Check those lush lipz on dat gurl.
I got sum Lush from Marina last night.
by T-Fresh December 19, 2003

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