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Teenagers showing up in the ER complaining of severe bite wounds to the neck. Caused by a partner trying to be romantic and fit with the new vampire fetish spawned by the plot of Twilight. If the bite is not deep enough to draw copious amounts of blood, the bactieria in the partners mouth may cause a nasty infection that requires serious hospitalization.
Dude : Did you hear about the 30,000 bite wound cases reported in ERs this year? They call it the twilight effect, stupid people trying to act like vampires.

Chick: Dont judge them, vampires are hot.

Dude: Because nothing says "I love you" like losing a quart of blood.

Chick: You suck, your nothing like Edward Cullen, im going ot read twilight 100 times to purge my mind of any trace of reality.
by T-cat July 14, 2010
People who are so obsessed with twilight they begin to actually believe that vampires exist, or that they are one. A twicotic usually feels insignificant, and creates fantasies in which they are a vampire and are in some way the center of a twisting and self glorifying plot. It is basically delusions of granduer and magical thinking coupled with the not-so-subtle infulence of the culture spawned by the smash hit twilight. Symptoms may include claims about not having to eat regulalry, usually cryptically hinting at bieng impervious to hunger as long as they get blood. also look for avoidance of sunlight (not because of damage to the skin, but a psychological need to look as pale as the vampires in the movie), complaints of constant headaches usually accompanied by cryptic hints that they need blood. many other symptoms may occur.
Dude 1: Have you spoken to sally latley, shes acting weird.

dude 2: how so?

dude 1: Shes always making the stupid hints that she doesnt need to eat "food" and she needs "somthing else"

dude 2: wow, what a freak.

dude 1: ya, and she is like always avoiding the sun, she looks like a friggin department store display dummy.

dude 2: I think ive heard of this on Urban Dictionary, they called it bieng twicotic. she thinks shes a vampire dude.
by T-cat July 14, 2010
The reproductive organs of the human female, but after the specimen has had atleast 1 child, or is pregnant.
dude 1: hey have you seen that chick, shes soooooo hot.

dude 2: man she has like 2 kids.

dude 1: I know, I tottally want to have a meat party in her Baby Bunker.
by T-cat July 14, 2010
your colon. the area where your body stores solid waste before evacuation.
dude 1:dude i havent taken a crap in days, it feels like there an angry ferret in my shit silo.

dude 2: so take a shit already
by T-cat July 14, 2010

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