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Eric Dombrowski aka D-Block Some white kid that thinks he's really cool, but he looks like Clay Aiken. He tries to sleep wit anyone that has a vagina, and afterwards doesnt answer his phone. Pretty much no girl respects him, and he's lovin it. And he touched a jew's boobs when she was sleeping. SHE WAS SLEEPING!!!!!!!! U MOLESTED HER!!!!!!!! your sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. and secretly u like guys, everyone knows that. not that theres anything wrong wit that. gay ppl have feelings too. now go pick up ur fuckin guitar and write a song about ur bf..i mean gf..
Girl"hey, are your friends wit that Eric D-Block kid?"
Guy "Don't think about dating him, he'll ruin your life..just like he did that Catholic girl's...she used to be innocent, now she's spreading her legs for anyone...and damn its nice"

Eric "aahhhhhhhhhhh..u jus got dblockeddddddddd"
girl " i need to tell u somethin...im a guy"
Eric "i knowwwwwwwwwww...woooo...dont tell my hot sister"

by T-Rolls December 21, 2005

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