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The "lose-lose" scenario in any kind of war, although nuclear war is often associated with this term.
"From my reading of various pronoucements made by the Russian High Command over the years, I am convinced that they will never again permit their nation to be threatened... no matter what the cost... that cost itself may actually is Mutually Assured Destruction."

-- Alan Moore, as the voice of Professor Milton Glass, "Dr. Manhattan: Super-Powers and the Superpowers", in Watchmen (DC Comics, 1986)
by T-Boy August 29, 2003
To replace something that is just "OK" with something far worse.
This crappy rental car is a suxstitution for my corvette while it is the shop.
by t-boy February 29, 2012
An Italian name for something interseting. Don't know what it means, but wouldn't you like to own a Spadafora? Sounds Cool.
I was cruisin'in my Spadafora yesterday.
by T-Boy August 05, 2004
Talking trash to the clerk at a Seven-Eleven.
Kim started sassin' Habib when he asked for her ID.
by T-Boy August 11, 2004
A player of a game that seeks to use the system to dominate and frustrate other players.

This is typically not a problem when dealing with games that encourage competitive playing, but swiftly becomes a problem when the objective of the game is not to defeat your opponenet, either real or perceived, but to co-operate and socialize with other players.

As such, power-gamers are the bane of certain role-playing games, social games and online games like MUDs and their ilk, and games where not everyone wants to make you their bitch.

However, certain games suit powergamers well -- games like Monopoly and the (now discontinued) Paranoia RPG setting by West End Games.
Well, yeah, Fabian is a power-gamer... he's a wonderful person to be with, and very accommodating, but never, ever, play against him -- you'll just end up hating him.
by T-Boy August 29, 2003
A Don Kingism. A superlative combining the words "Fab"ulous and Fan"ta"stic and Deli"cious".
Don King: Mike Tyson was the most Fabtacious Prize Fighter in the world!
by T-Boy August 03, 2004
An epithet that describes anyone but you.
It is a statistical certainty that there is someone out there in the planet who considers you an idiot. That person doesn't matter, of course -- he's an idiot.
by T-Boy August 29, 2003
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