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A Sacramento suburb. Residing teens (many of whom are middle and upper-middle class) enjoy complaining about it and saying how awful and boring it is even though it is neither awful nor any more boring than other towns.
Folsom has its flaws, but overall, it's a good town. You can go to the lake, the river, historic Sutter Street, one of two movie theaters, Palladio (once it is finished and is not just movie theaters), golfing, biking on the various trails. You can enjoy nature in the wetlands, play sports, eat, among other things.
#foslom #california #sacramento #norcal #916 #suburbia
by T-Bizzcuit January 24, 2010
When two or more people get in an argument via the comment section on YouTube.

YouTube arguments are often found in videos about controversial subjects.
exaggeration of a YouTube argument:

guy #1: f*** war
guy #2: we are just defending our country
guy #1: no we are killing people because we are savages
guy #2: you are an uneducated moron
guy #1: no u are
guy #2: ur mom is an uneducated moron
guy #1: screw u
#youtube argument #youtube #argument #debate #anger
by T-Bizzcuit February 06, 2010
Sonic the Hedgehog 4 is COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Project Needlemouse was the codename for Sonic 4: Episode 1. It is a 2D, modernized Sonic game based on the Genesis classics that made him famous.

To be released on WiiWare, Xbox Live Arcade, and PlayStation Network.
The epic sauce that is the original Sonic games has been resurrected...sorta.

Check out Sonic 4.
#sonic the hedgehog #sonic #project needlemouse #sonic 4 #sonic 4: episode 1
by T-Bizzcuit February 15, 2010
The best basketball video game. Period. Every cool kid had this game or played it.


A game that inspired a generation of kids to try new tricks and new dunks on lowered hoops. Also caused kids to throw basketballs at other kids heads and say "off the heezy".
NBA Street contributed to my 5th grade recess basketball career.
#nba street #playstation #nba #streetball #basketball #off the heezy
by T-Bizzcuit May 29, 2010
Cops (pigs/bacon) who park their cars, often out of sight, and wait for some sort of crime such as speeding to occur so they can give a ticket.
Slow down, bro, I think we just passed some sizzlin' bacon hiding behind that bush.
#sizzlin bacon #cops #po po #pigs #fuzz #bacon #popo #police
by T-Bizzcuit May 15, 2010
A book series that we all read in elementary school, despite the fact that they weren't that great.
Bailey School Kids is way better than the magic treehouse
#magic treehouse #tree house #treehouse #jack #annie
by T-Bizzcuit February 23, 2010
One's listed siblings or parents on Facebook who are not actual family members, but friends.
Jay Wilson is one of CJ Walker's Facebook relatives.
#facebook relatives #facebook #sibling #relative #parent
by T-Bizzcuit March 20, 2010
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