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1. going out and chasing girls for the sole purpose of getting ass.
2. picking up chicks.
3. hunting naive game.
4. if you are at a sausage fest, being the one capable of having enough game to get the game out of the weeds so you can make your move and bag her.
"Tom and I went bird dogging at the bar last night."
"I was at Alex's party last night. What a cock fight. I was bird dogging and took home the only hottie in the joint. FUCK YEAH!!"
by T Y February 02, 2007
a girl that has a good looking body, like it could be in penthouse magazine, but something has her face looking like she is from the trailer park which only qualifies her for swank magazine. She has the perfect form for taking a cup of throat yogurt.
L: Check out that bitch.
T: Yeah but look at her face.
L: Oh Shit.
T: Yeah thats a swank face, on a penthouse body.
by T Y February 03, 2007

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