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2 definitions by T Lex

Tramp Stamp. Origins -- eponymous of Tramponi Stampezius, a Roman general in charge of moral, recreation and welfare in ancient Gaul, circa 220 A.D. During Roman occupation he regulated female camp followers, requiring them to have a small tattoo on their lower back and to pay taxes. This lower back tattoo, originally called a “Tramponi Stampezius” was later shortened to “tramp stamp”.
She was such a whore the edges of her Tramp Stamp were wearing off.
by T Lex June 18, 2010
33 27
“Arabian Horse Blinders” is a sexual position where the woman sits or kneels astride her partner’s face and lowers her vagina onto the other’s face, wrapping his eyes, nose and mouth in her pussy lips. Also referred to as meat curtains it is the female equivalent of tea bagging and is based on the horse-blinders used around the eyes of Arabian Horses to keep them from bolting.
“Audrey joked that her Arabian Horse Blinders were so meaty they made her boyfriend cross-eyed.”
by T Lex September 10, 2010
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