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A phrase made popular by NFL WR Chad OchoCinco, Kiss the Baby is commonly used in competition to symbolize the point of no return, or "the end" for the opposing team.
The San Diego Defense might as well Kiss the Baby because we've already won.
by T Freakin' C August 22, 2009
A name of the American descent commonly used to refer to a person who has an unusually large penis. Also, Thomas is always willing to do something stupid for some laughs and while he may be butt-ass-naked running down a dock, he is still the life of the party.
Person 1: "Man, Thomas was crackin' my ass up last night!"
Person 2: "I know man, me too. I can't believe he really did that (and didn't even get paid)."
by T Freakin' C June 03, 2009

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