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To shoot another by using a 9mm or similar weapon such as a Glock in a gangster fashion (i.e. holding sideways and/or in cold blood).
Id better get that money by friday or ima busta 9 in yo ass.
by T Bourke February 03, 2007
1) A type of marijuana from British Columbia, Canada.

2) A term describing a form of marijuana known in the southern US (particularly Florida) that refers to a commercial grade bud that is considered a low grade crypt (crypt translations: chronic, killer, etc.). It is, however, not mids but it is considered low grade because BC buds are generally the same price as better quality buds. This bud is noticeable by its denseness, fresh piny smell, and very light-green buds with or without a good amount of orange to yellow hairs.
1) Hi I'm from Canada and i grow BC buds and sell them to stupid Americans for ridiculous prices.

2) I don't like BC buds because a quarter looks and burns like an eighth.
by T Bourke February 03, 2007

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