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A colloquialised derivative of the original meaning of boor from rude young man to savage drinking beast.

Also used as in 'to boor / go booring' meaning to go out drinking.

i)Oliver Reed, what a total fucking boor!

ii)Any booring this weekend?

iii)That lad loves to boor
by T Boor July 10, 2008
The act of wrapping toilet paper repeatedly round the bog seat enabling you to create a mini suspension area where you can proudly display your crap for all to see.
"I'd use the other trap if I was you, I've left a hanging basket in there"
by T Boor July 10, 2008
A gruesome homosexual act involving stretching your urethra so a male friend can stick his cock in it
"Sorry Dale, I haven't got time for another Baileys, Elton's waiting at home for a quick round of Poofy Tool"
by T Boor June 30, 2008
To be inebriated / very drunk.
Christ, I must have been mongolised last night, I pissed the chair again.
by T Boor June 30, 2008
A continuation on the 'DP' acronym for the smut movie regular act of double penetration.
Dave : 'You've seen Piledriving Miss Daisy, what's it like?'

Clive : 'Normal, gob, moota, Del Pierro, fairly standard'

by T Boor July 01, 2008
Northumberland based variation on paedophile. Often used in conversation to sound more learned than your peers.
Mr King is a confirmed pedrophiliac
by T Boor June 30, 2008
Can be used to mean faeces or anus
i)I am desperate for a moota.

ii)Bloody hell, someone's been for a moota and it stinks.

iii)It's my birthday, hopefully the wife will let me do her up the moota as a treat
by T Boor July 10, 2008
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