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Slang, for the act of either excreting or breaking up with a partner.
"i'm gonna go take a 'dump'" / "your Dumped"
by T & T February 16, 2007
slang - A person who is single but is on the lookout for a new boyfriend/girlfriend by mingling.
Person 1: "so are you in a relationship?"
Person 2: "nope, i'm shmingle"
by T & T February 13, 2007
A chavvy dog who's owners spend out money on pimped out collars and leashes
"Hey, have you seen Bob's new dog, - he's got a chazmungle"
by T & T February 13, 2007
A combination of going to the toilett and having a ciggarette - a technique perfected by most secondary school girls
"I'm going out for a tizzfizzle"/"Let's go the the girls toiletts for a tizzfizzle"
by T & T February 13, 2007
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