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153 definitions by T

one whom getts all thier belongings taken from them ...
Ahh man i was walking down tha steet and i got ganked fer my doe..
by T September 20, 2003
A brand of hair products
A)Girl did you get the perm?
B)Yeah, is TCB ok?
by T August 18, 2004
Torque is so great that he is awesome!
What an awsome guy, that Torque
by T March 24, 2003
Canadian Whiskey purchased in liquor stores.. tastes like shit but gives you a niice feeling when intending to get drunk.
Yo, let's drink some R&R tonight and live.
by t February 19, 2005
abbreviaiton of a multiplayer internet game-World of Warcraft that probably kicks ass but has consumed our ace pilot -Starman.
Starman "one word for WOW-moOt!"

T "yo star I heard that game friggin' rots your BF skilz if you play too much!"

Starman "ya kno your probably right -I'm done with that WOW game"
by T February 19, 2005
Idiot monkeys who were put on this planet for no fucking reason! They have no brains and drool over pretty women.
That guy is such an asshole!
by T March 11, 2003
girl friend or whore
stay away from my kool aid bitch !!
this right here is my kool aid !!
by t August 13, 2004