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2 definitions by Szechuan2319

Referring to someones coolness. Someone who is well respected, interesting, popular, fun to be around and slightly sexy. Everyone wants to be warm.
Joe 1: Dude your so warm.

Joe 2: You mean cool?
Joe 1: No, I mean warm.
by Szechuan2319 December 28, 2010
A High School student who thinks they are better than everyone else. Usually a preppy freshman or a popular Junior or Senior who looks down on kids. Sophomores are pretty immune to this definition because they are warm enough to stay below the radar.
Joe1: Dude that kid is so annoying, he thinks hes soooo fresh.
Joe2: Hell yeah! what a crimson...
Joe1: Well said
by Szechuan2319 March 03, 2011